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Why is it time to choose grooving floors ?

  • Up to 75% cheaper than rubber

    Rubber mats are expensive. Your concrete floors already have the potential to be a durable non slipping surface!

  • Safer for you and your animals

    We stay with you through the management of your cattle's locomotion for safer, healthier and more natural displacements, while respecting the animal's wellness.

  • Healthy cows for an improved production of up to 15%

    A perfect solution to many common problems, improving the animal's longevity, less hoof care, less limping, better heat management, everything for a better production!

Find the perfect type of
grooving for your farm !

We want to help you fond the right type of grooving that fits your needs.

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Traction plus

The specialist of grooving and texturing floor

A Cow's Manicure

A lot of dairy producers pay thousands of dollars each year to take care of their cows nails! That’s because a limping cow tends to produce less milk. It’s all about comfort and health.

Journalist : Aubert Tremblay
Director : Michel Du Montier
Source : La Semaine Verte

Happy Cow

The specialist of textured and grooved floors