Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

Our trained and dynamic team works directly with you to make sure that every aspect of typical day of milk production is well respected for animals. Being in the milk domain since ever, we are very much aware of all the factors providing good results in a cattle.

Also, Traction Plus emphasizes on straight lines going the same way as the animals natural gait.

Our lines are wider, closer to each other and have the optimal depth.

Our prices are affordable and competitive. The return on investment is quick.

We can even vary the renders inside the same place depending on the needs of stability and traction wanted.

In terms of grooving and texturing, we favor straight lines going the same way as the animal.
The size of our lines vary from the ones of the other companies. They are proportionate according to the size of a hoot.

So when the animal steps foot, the distribution of its weight is more uniform on it. A chain reaction follows, a good weight distribution brings more balanced hoots, a better overall posture and a good gait

The price is calculated by the number of square foot. It varies depending on the chosen render and the size of the floor to work on. Contact us so we could discuss your project. We will then be able to give you a better quote of the price you would need to plan to have safer walking floors.

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