The optimal

The optimal


The Optimal is a combination of two products, deep lines and texturing. Deep lines give stability and the texturing on the top optimize the  traction.  All our lines are straight. Therefore, they follow the direction of the animal’s movement. The Optimal finish is usually done on a solid full concrete floor whether in a new construction or on an already existing  surface.


The distances and thicknesses between the lines have been carefully studied and chosen so that the weight of the animal is well distributed on the hoof. Thus, the health of the hoofs and by the same way of the beast is optimized.

Contact us to discuss the various factors to consider for your choice of finish. The bedding you use, the movements of your herds, the health of the hoofs, the location of the floor are just a few points that we considerate to advise you on concrete grooving and texturing. It will be our pleasure to work in partnership with you!

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